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Hi y’all. Yep that’s right, I’m a Texas girl. The photographer and developer behind Glitter and Graze. I’m just a married mom of 1 living in the Lone Star State doing what I love. Sharing recipes and crafts for others to enjoy.

My love for both started when I was pretty young. I have always been that crafty type person. From designing and sewing clothing to making stuff out of popsicle sticks when I was a kid. Now that I have grown up the crafts have gotten a little more advanced. I am that person who makes custom homemade gifts whenever there is a gift giving occasion.

My obsession with food has ran deep too. I was that kid that love pictures of food. I couldn’t explain it then, but now I get it. Who knew you couldn’t actually make a career out of photos of food.

Glitter and graze

The recipes that I share are ones that I have came up with, made, and taste tested either in my own home or shared with others through family and friends. I am by no means a chef, but would like to think I’m a pretty good recipe developer. I’m never going to share anything that I wouldn’t enjoy myself. Believe me there are some recipes that never made it to publish because they weren’t quite right in my opinion.

As for blogging that’s still a work in progress. I am learning everyday new ways to make my website better. I just want to give my best so I can continue to share what I love doing.

So thank you for stopping by and giving my website a look. I hope you enjoy what you see and will continue to visit for more tasty recipes and diy projects.

Thanks so much