Free Farmhouse Fonts

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A collection of free farmhouse fonts that you can download and use in Cricut design
space. In just a few simple steps you can use these fonts for free.

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Have you gotten your fill of all things farmhouse? No, not me either. So sad to see Chip and Jo to end their show, but the show must go on.

So many people are creating home décor with the farmhouse feel using their Cricut. Whether it’s for themselves or a gift for others.

I put together a collection of my favorite farmhouse themed fonts that you don’t have to pay for to use.

If you are using these fonts for design space and don’t know how to download and get them in design space go to this post Free Fonts in Cricut to learn how quick and easy.

free farmhouse fonts


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Did you make something using one of these fonts? Then post a picture on Instagram and use the tag #glitterandgraze

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  1. Just so you’re aware, some of those fonts are free for *personal use only*. If you’re selling items using their fonts, you need to get a commercial use license.

    1. You are correct. I’m personally not selling anything because I don’t have the time on top of this blog. But when you go to the font each says if it is used for personal or commercial. A lot of people just make stuff for themselves or gifts and do not sale items

        1. I’m not sure about word, but whenever I download a new font they show up in my other programs like photoshop as well

        2. When you “saved” the font on your computer, any program will detect them, could be Word, Power Point, or other kind of programs as Photshop, Adobe, etc. Just check the “font” list in each program to find them.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! I am new to using the Cricut and overwhelmed, even with YouTube assistance, but your free fonts are helping me realize my Farmhouse projects might actually become a reality! ?

  3. Love all these fonts,I downloaded all of them 🙂 what is the font used for the word Farmhouse? thanks!!

  4. What does a person have to do to obtain a commercial license to be able to use these fonts for projects to sell? I really love these fonts and would love to be able to use them on my projects to sell.

    1. The links I provided where you download fonts has each fonts developers rules and also purchase links to buy the full version. So each one is different.

  5. Hi! Quick question! How do you use the glyph’s to extend the curves at the beginning and end of the words? Thank you! Also, for reference, I am using in Word.

    1. I’m not sure which font you are referring to under this free farmhouse fonts post. None of these seem to have tails. I do have another post that is fonts with tails and each font tells how to achieve the tails under the font itself at dafont

  6. Thank you so much for this collection and the helpful tutorial on how to download and install the fonts! I am so excited to add these to my projects.

    1. Awe man. I’m not even sure. And once you save it in photoshop it will not tell you. Its not one I use often so I have no idea. Sorry

  7. Hi! I’m saving this on my cricut board, someday I’m gonna get brave enough to try and make something with my Cricut that I have had for over a year! No joke I have never used it! Thank you for sharing these beautiful fonts, and also can I subscribe to your blog? I haven’t seen a fill out for one.
    Thank you again!

    1. Don’t wait any longer. Use your cricut. It may seem intimidating at first but once you know a few things the possibilities are endless. If you go to a post of mine at the very bottom there is a subscription sign up form

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