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I feel so bad for neglecting my blog for as long as I have. Having to see all the new subscribers and still receiving as many page views as I had before, but with no new content makes me sad. I have so many new recipe ideas that I want to share, but my time has been occupied.

About a month ago I became a mommy to a beautiful baby girl. As any first time mom would know your world completely changes. And boy did it. 24 hours a day 365 days a year non stop catering to someone else. I never knew how hard it is on a person with broken sleep at night. When you do get a minute to so something other than tending to baby, you’re energy level is so low you only get done the things you must to live a somewhat normal life.

Luckily I do have my mother who has taken on the duty of a night nurse on a great number of the nights, which has been a life saver. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed and getting to sleep a full night. But even after those nights waking up and taking care of a newborn and trying to fit in a blog day isn’t easy.

Blogging seems like it wouldn’t be too challenging, just sit in front of the computer and type some words down and post. WRONG! With food blogging you have to go to the store to get all the ingredients, tweak your recipe since it is an original made by you, cook, then clean, stage the food and take pictures, edit those pictures, write the blog, set it all up on your website and then finally publish. Not just something you can do in a 30 minute session, unfortunately.

Creating a blog post was a half day event when I had all the time in the world before. I can only imagine how long it’s going to take me to do now with a newborn needing me. But I know it can be done and I don’t have to give up what I enjoy just because of my life forever changing.

So I have not quit or given up on my blog. I plan to get back to coming up with new recipes and craft tutorials as soon as I get a little bit better handle on this new mom thing. Thank you for your continued support for my blog.

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