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Fonts with Tails Included for FREE

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A collection of free downloadable fonts that have tails included. Make beautiful projects using your Cricut with any of these great fonts.

So many people ask about fonts that included flowing tails. After much searching I have found that most of the fonts that have tails are using only paid versions.

After going through numerous fonts I came up with this collection that has the tails included in the free personal use version.

All these fonts you can find on dafont.com which I personally trust when downloading from.


Downloading Fonts for Cricut

A lot of my viewers are Cricut owners. So if you are new to Cricut and are wanting these fonts to use in Cricut Design Space read this post on Cricut Explore- Free Fonts to learn how to download and use.

Other Great Free Fonts

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Check out all my Crafts posts and find something you can make yourself.

Did you make something using one of these fonts? Share your picture on Instagram with #glitterandgraze

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    1. When you download each one it tells you their rules on dafont.com. pretty sure you have to pay a small fee to use for commercial use

  1. Hi there, thank you for this information. I have downloaded several of your suggested fonts from daFont into my AnyFont app on my iPad, but when I try to access them through Cricut Design Space they aren’t in my system fonts even though they show as downloaded into AnyFont. What am I doing wrong or is it just that they won’t work with an iPad and I should use my desktop Mac?

    1. I have only done this on a desktop. I dont use my ipad for cricut just because it’s so much easier on a computer. Sorry I couldnt help

    1. I personally have not used these on an apple product. But there should be some great youtube videos out there how to do so.

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